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ArhiTeach Website_FinalWe’ve trained architects, designers and artists. Read the reviews below to find out what makes Archi.Teach courses so suceesful in preparing students for the proffessional world.

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Hello, I want to express my gratitude for the patience and professionalism of the ArchiTeach school, thanks to Stas for pushing me to further development in my work. I wish you even more clients and ambitious projects. Will definitely come back again for revit!
Alina Rudenko
Anastasia Andriasyan
Hi, I want to express my gratitude!
A very large amount of knowledge in a short time! Stas explains everything lucidly, pays attention to everyone. I really enjoyed working with 3D Max, Photoshop and Autocad.
Natasha Kryukova
Good presentation of material, timely support. In a very short period of time, a huge store of knowledge was obtained, everything is accessible and understandable. Thanks a lot to ARHI.TEACH school for the knowledge gained.
Good course, very good attitude, responsibility. Stas always tries to give even more knowledge than he promises. A very individual approach, and what is also very cool is how it turns out to streamline all this knowledge.
Pasha Semikashev
Yulia Kushina
Thank you so much for a wonderful opportunity to gain skills in the program, which were sorely lacking before. Thank you for your patience and responsiveness to Stas and our curators! The knowledge that I received will definitely be useful to me in my future activities)))
Beata Dankeeva
Thank you very much for this wonderful course, I have never regretted coming here. Special thanks to Stas and his assistants, all questions were sorted out. In a short time, we have received a huge store of knowledge. I'm happy with everything. Had a good time and usefully))
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